You doin too much, bruh

As church leaders, we often find ourselves juggling multiple responsibilities, programs, and initiatives. Our passion for serving our community and spreading the gospel can lead us to take on more than we can handle. However, sometimes doing less can be more effective.  When we spread ourselves too thin, we risk burning out and diminishing the […]

THRIVE in the Summertime

Summer is traditionally a time when church attendance and giving experience a noticeable dip. Vacations, family activities, and the allure of the outdoors often pull congregants away, leaving church leaders concerned about maintaining engagement and financial stability. However, rather than merely surviving these challenging months, churches can adopt strategies to thrive and even grow. Here […]

Discover the Discovery Era

Taylor Swift is, simply stated, an icon. There is no denying it.  Most of us have observed her meteoric rise from a teenage country sensation to a global pop star. It has been nothing short of extraordinary. Since bursting onto the scene at the tender age of 16, Swift has blown away her young audiences […]

Spring Clean Your Digital Footprints

It’s that time of year again. Time for a good spring cleaning! Before we shake off the sluggishness of our hibernation and start living outdoors again, let us not neglect to sweep up the dust bunnies that have accumulated over the winter. As the vibrant hues of spring start to blossom and the warm breeze […]

Landing a Second Date With First Timers

Ah, the elusive second date – a milestone many of us have pursued with a mix of excitement and trepidation. While the initial spark may have ignited during the first encounter, securing a follow-up rendezvous often proves to be a daunting task. So many things can stand in the way of you and a second […]

Cultivating Culture

Espresso based drinks are delicious. Especially if the beans are sourced well, roasted beautifully, ground perfectly and prepared properly. There are some “purists” out there who will only have espresso black, with no syrups added. That is to be respected, however over the years baristas across the world have made it their mission to dream […]

4 Church Trends You Need To Know In 2024

The landscape of church dynamics is evolving faster than ever; driven by the changing preferences and lifestyles of its members. In 2024, four distinctive trends seem to be reshaping the way churches operate. Emphasizing a shift towards relational engagement, smaller communities, concise yet impactful content, and raw authenticity. If you are not doing these, it’s […]

10 Things You Can Get Ready NOW To Ensure An Epic Easter

Christmas is just barely in the rearview mirror.  You’re only one month into your New Year resolutions and the temperature keeps dropping. Time to plan Easter!! Some may argue it’s too early, but with Easter hopping onto the calendar on March 31st this year, if you haven’t started planning, you might just find yourself already […]

New Year, Old You

New Year, Old You It’s the New Year! The season of throwing out the old and making room for the new. The season of new hope and new dreams. Setting our sights on new goals. Leaving the old behind. Saying goodbye to the drama, tensions and problems of the past year. The season of looking […]

Barbers Would Make Great Ministers

Barbers Would Make Great Ministers Why do we feel so excited to go to our barber or stylist? We love to look good and be pampered, but I think it’s something more. Barbershops are a lot like churches.  A place filled with people from different backgrounds and vocations coming together looking for the same thing. […]