Field Day partners with churches and ministries to build apps and websites that help connect them and build community, disciple, and engage their audience.

Centralize Content

Easily engage your audience by centralizing your content in one location and notifying them with a push notification as soon as new content becomes available.

Digital Discipleship

Generate questions based on the content of your videos



Track Progress

Facilitate Bible Studies

Create as many courses as you’d like and allow your users to store and refer to completed courses later.

Prayer Community

God cares about details. If he counts the hairs on your head, he answers specific prayers. You can up your level of prayer engagement by gathering and praying for more specific needs.

Request Prayer

Anyone in your church can post a prayer request publicly or anonymously.

Prayer team is notified

The moment a prayer is requested, your prayer team is sent a push notification. This real-time notification helps them to respond and filter these requests accordingly.

Users are notified

Anytime that prayer request is prayed over, the person who submitted it is sent a push notification letting them know that they are being prayed for.

Pray for others

Anyone using your app can pray for others and join the prayer team to receive notifications the moment a prayer request is submitted.

Communicate with your audience

Post updates, events, articles, or anything else you can imagine all in one spot on the Discover section.

Allow your audience to discover more.

“Discover Pages” provides a simple way to offer additional details.

Say "Hello"

Allow your audience to ask questions

With the support of chat, your team can easily respond to user questions.

Real-time insights

Instantly send a message to your entire user base and welcome a user the moment they create an account.

Partnership Investment


Our customized app is our core product designed for engagement, community, and discipleship.



A One-Time Setup Fee of $1,500


Our custom websites are developed to welcome new guests and be easily discoverable on search engines.

App + Website


A One-Time Setup Fee of $2,500


Pass it off with Relay. Our team of strategists meets regularly with your team to assist in implementing and refining your digital strategy.

App + Website + How To


A One-Time Setup Fee of $3,500