Hey Macedonia Church! We’re excited to help further your mission digitally to impact Jackson and beyond.

We exist to provide digital ministry solutions by leveraging apps and websites connected with a highly effective strategy.

The Story of Field Day.

We are deeply passionate about the Field Day story, a God-sized dream that seemed crazy, insane, and unexpected, defying everything we initially vowed never to do. Just three years ago, we embarked on the journey of planting a church, a daunting task on its own, but our plans took an abrupt turn as the world was engulfed by the pandemic only two weeks later. In the face of uncertainty, we were determined to keep people connected and spiritually fed. Traditional church apps proved outdated or financially inaccessible, primarily focused on electronic giving with limited features for connection and discipleship. Frustrated by the lack of meaningful technological solutions for the Church, we felt a burning passion to make powerful apps accessible, especially for church plants. This fervor led us to create Field Day, not merely a “giving app” or an “online bulletin” but a platform designed to encourage daily engagement, empower ministry teams, and foster community. We don’t see Field Day as a business but as a ministry partner, embracing our users as family and dedicating a portion to planting more churches. We believe in transforming the daunting into the delightful, replacing fear with fun, and supporting others on their faith journey. 

– Nick & Jayme Keebaugh, Founders

Apps designed for community, discipleship and engagement.

We believe Sunday should be a resource, and not your main source. We’re focused on building a meaningful digital expression of your church. Empowering your church to build community, encourage discipleship, and deepen engagement wherever, whenever.

Websites designed to welcome.

Your church’s website is your front door. People searching for churches in their area get their first impression from your website.

... designed to discover.

People looking for a church aren’t looking for a church. They’re looking for connection; connection with God and connection with people. They want relationships with people that can help give them hope. Is your church a voice locally when people in your area are searching for resources for felt needs like parenting, divorce, or anxiety? We can help make sure your website is a resource to help lost people in your community searching for connection. 

At Field Day we target popular topics in your area, and leverage your existing content to be an answer to their questions, and extend an invite into your community.

Unique strategy that aligns with your uniquenesses.

One size does NOT fit all. Our strategy team is largely comprised of members who have extensive church leadership experience. Passionate about uncovering your churches unique strengths, and making that part of your strategy.

We get to know your church, and consider ourselves part of your team.

Key App Features


Our prayer community allows your church to connect with prayer, the moment they need it. 


With courses you can easily facilitate Growth Track anywhere. You can also create a resource library that you can point your church to anytime. 

Stories of Partnership​

“We planted Believe LA just over a year ago, and having Field Day as a part of our team has been invaluable.”

Aaron Lindsey
Believe LA

“Since day one, Rhiza has partnered with Field Day; they’re family.”

Tito Diaz

“Field Day’s strategy has strengthened our church’s commitment to deeper prayer and discipleship.”

Jeff Lawrence

Partnership Investment

for Macedonia Church


Our customized app is our core product designed for engagement, community, and discipleship.



A One-Time Setup Fee of $1,500


Our custom websites are developed to welcome new guests and be easily discoverable on search engines.

App + Website


A One-Time Setup Fee of $2,500


Pass it off with Relay. Our team of strategists meets regularly with your team to assist in implementing and refining your digital strategy.

Limited Time Offer

App + Website + How To


A One-Time Setup Fee of $3,500

was $1,299/m

Common Questions

No, you can still use Planning Center with our app. Our app works with Planning Center, so your church members don’t need to download another app.

No, Field Day Church Apps doesn’t require you to switch your current giving provider. We seamlessly integrate with all of the major giving platforms.

Yes! Our apps and websites are designed to be easily updated and managed by anyone on your team. No technical knowledge is required.

Church Center is a convenient place to register for events and to give. However, it’s not an app designed to connect, disciple, and engage your congregation. Your app from Field Day is designed to be a front-end user experience that works seamlessly with Planning center and Church Center.

Our bronze trier setup fee includes app design and deployment to the App Store and Google Play. Our silver tier includes everything from bronze including a custom built website. Gold Tier includes everything from Bronze and Silver and a local on site visit. One or two members of our team to  visit your church on a Sunday and sit down with your team to provide ideas on how we can integrate a digital strategy into your unique expression.

Next Steps

If you’ve got any questions, no worries—just jot them down below, and we’ll get back to you ASAP.