God cares about details. If he counts the hairs on your head, he answers specific prayers. You can up your level of prayer engagement by gathering and praying for more specific needs.

Real time prayer requests

Skip the text threads, email lists, and dusty prayer sheets. Empower your church to pray together instantly.

Request Prayer

Anyone in your church can post a prayer request publicly or anonymously.

Prayer team is notified

The moment a prayer is requested, your prayer team is sent a push notification. This real-time notification helps them to respond and filter these requests accordingly.

Users are notified

Anytime that prayer request is prayed over, the person who submitted it is sent a push notification letting them know that they are being prayed for.

Prayer Questions

Anyone who is registered on the app can post a prayer request.

Yes, when a user posts a prayer request they have the option to post it anonymously.

Yes! Administrators can assign prayer team members or anyone can join the prayer team with a tap.

Users receive a push notification the moment they’ve been prayed for.

Yes, Prayers sensitive in nature or inappropriate can be moderated by your prayer team and instantly hidden.

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