Teaching at your church can be challenging, but now it can be made simpler with on-demand classes. You can use classes to develop your congregation with Growth Track or create lessons about specific topics to educate them. Keep track of their progress and encourage them on their path.

Discipleship On-Demand

Discipleship can now be facilitated directly in your church app anytime at the convenience of your congregation.

Run Growth Track

Now you can turn in person growth or member classes to be relational instead of relational. Meet people interested in taking the next step at your church and unlock the content directly in app.

Build topic based learning

We often assume the moment someone becomes a Christian they instantly know everything about the Bible. Now you can create topic based classes like “How to read the Bible” or “How to Pray” so your church can access anytime.

Track Progress

Your church can keep track of their progress in classes and your team can encourage them along the way.

Classes Questions

Yes! Classes can be public, private or request to join.

No, users responses are stored privately in their account. However church leadership can see how far they’ve progressed in a class and if they’ve completed.

Yes! Administrators can assign prayer team members or anyone can join the prayer team with a tap.

Nope! Churches can create as many classes they’d like without being charged additionally.

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